Asterix Sebastian Budiman (Senior Recruitment Consultant)

I am Sebastian, a Swiss hospitality management graduate. My family’s business and major of study also led me to choose to develop in the hotel industry. Two years after returning to China, I joined two well-known five-star hotels and gradually found my own life comfort zone for work balance. During the period of working in the hotel, the stable income and the inherent advantages of being trilingual make me not have too much trouble in work and life, but I also gradually lack the ambition to develop myself. Is this really what I want? Coinciding with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Indonesia in 2020, the development of Indonesia's economic and special hotel industry has been severely affected. At this moment, I also realize that the comfort zone is no longer there. Many promotion opportunities have also been restricted. Unwilling to be a frog at the bottom of the well, I started to contact other industries, and finally joined my current company BOSSHIRE. This is a start-up company that I feel most deeply after joining is that the founder and the team have a sense of mission for common development, and the working method of the target project system It also made my sense of accomplishment satisfied. It also gave me a chance to learn and grow with them, who is still a little ignorant across industries.

I personally believe that the lack of theoretical knowledge supported by practical experience has a limited effect on a person's sublimation. In one year of experience on this platform, a large number of different types of projects have given me the opportunity to learn and come into contact with a lot of things. From the initial lack of self-confidence to the present, I can effectively communicate and establish relationships with the executives of various types of industry companies. Maintenance, all this is attributed to the practice communication again and again, the offline search analysis review, and the accumulation of successes and failures.

The last thing I want to say is that the comfort zone is dangerous. We can enjoy this comfort but we cannot be overly attached. We are born with limited time. We should try our best to learn, practice and explore knowledge that you have not faced. In this era of big data, any information knowledge will not be useless. The epidemic is a disaster for mankind, but in some ways, I feel it is also like an opportunity and a challenge, silently reminding us to meditate on whether we are in the direction we are pursuing.

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