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Every competitive company must have high-quality talents. Excellent talents are the key to the success of an enterprise. Therefore, BOSSHIRE chooses Indonesia to expand its training business named BELITE and provide talents training services for enterprises.


BELITE is a brand under PT Boss Hire Indonesia that engaged in the development of professional training by providing various kinds of training programs by our experienced and qualified trainers. Enlighten your Knowledge & Upscale your Skills, with these professional goals, we are committed to improve the competence of the company's employees to a higher level through training programs.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

To produce more world-class talent one step at a time.
Provide high-quality and cost-effective training to reach company professional goals and enlighten individual competence.
Effectiveness, Luminescent, Intelligent, Take-change, Enthusiastic


1. Our experienced and qualified trainers have a large range of specialist industry experience giving your employee the added benefit of their knowledge;
2. We are able to deliver customized training solutions for your company;
3. We provide individualized training plans adapted for each client after an initial training consultation.

Our Approach & Method

1. Information Gathering
2. Program/Recommendation Development
3. Program/Recommendation Delivery
4. Report and Evaluation

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