How to Make An Excellent CV?

27 Oct 2021


An excellent CV can help job seekers get more interview opportunities. How to make an interactive history? A resume with a clear career plan is the most effective resume, which can quickly gain the favor of HR and win interview opportunities. So, how should the career plan be reflected in the CV? A CV can reflect personal career planning from the following five aspects:


Generally speaking, the first thing that a human resource manager will look at when reviewing a resume is your self-evaluation. An excellent self-evaluation can make your resume stand out among many resumes with similar backgrounds. What HR wants to see from self-evaluation is your understanding of yourself, as well as your understanding and matching of the positions currently recruited by the company, which precisely reflect your career plan. In my previous resume consultation, I have seen the following self-evaluation: "I am a mature person, full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work. I am very experienced in sales, and this experience makes me a very tough negotiation Choose me! "That kind of self-esteem is of course passionate, but people who don’t know think it is a girl’s proposal. In the self-test, applicants should clearly and concisely explain where their greatest strengths are, such as "excellent sales experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry with an output value of more than 10 million in 6 years", etc., using empty, cliche, amateur and other popular languages Express. This job is very popular, and you are the best candidate for this job. With such an impact, HR will naturally yearn for you.

Purpose of Job Search

Many people think that you should write clearly what kind of job you are looking for on your CV so that you can choose more positions and have a better chance of getting an offer. We often see a common language in resumes: "I hope to find a challenging position with enough room for development." This word expresses surprise, but it does not mean it. If you don't even know what kind of job you are looking for, how can HR give you a chance? Before applying for a job, you may wish to develop a comprehensive career plan, which includes in particular tests of career personality and career orientation based on scientific evaluation data. This allows you to easily understand your strengths and weaknesses, thereby enhancing your self-awareness. Once you know what kind of career you want, you can position your job search. You know what kind of job you should look for and where you can get such job opportunities, so your resume can "fit it." The job search goal column is where you can provide specific information to your employers, such as focusing on your skills and needs. The manager manages the marketing of international trade. This job suits my workability.

Work Experiences

Don't limit yourself to describing your work and track records. Instead, you should emphasize your responsibilities and accomplishments at work and avoid empty words and idioms. This is because experience is not equal to experience. Competitiveness is not the result of extensive experience. What HR wants to see is the knowledge, skills, learning ability and, practical ability you have acquired from your work experience. How much growth has been obtained in previous work? Therefore, your resume should provide objective facts and data that can prove or support your qualifications and abilities. For example, "In 2015, I won the title of the star employee with No. 1 sales performance." Already can perform the duties of your company's chief financial officer". Effective performance can reflect your competence in the past work and the competence in the current job. Among them, the core is to reflect all the work experience and the career goals and career planning are closely related and develop steadily.

Career Expectations

Many companies will ask candidates in interviews: What is the most important return on investment you expect from your work? What are your career goals for the next five years? Some job seekers often do not know how to answer these questions. If you speak honestly about your career expectations, you can show the recruitment company that you have plans, ideas and, directions for your job search, instead of looking for jobs at will or looking for jobs through your overseas investment resume. The answers to the above questions are usually as follows:

"For me, the most important thing is whether the job I am doing is suitable for me. This job should allow me to use my skills and expertise. This will give me a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment. I also hope this Work can challenge my skill level and motivate me to improve my skills."-This answer not only expresses the satisfaction I get from an excellent job, but also illustrates the importance of challenging my limits and development. "After five years, I hope I can stay in a good position for a few years. The best way is to get a promotion, whether it's an upward move within the company or a horizontal transition. I hope to find a company that is willing to invest in each other and stay for a while. Time company.

Reflect on everything

In fact, for people who know how to arm their resume with career planning knowledge, the resume will be filled with the "breath" of career planning. Experience and academic qualifications are not important, what is important is the professional positioning of the job. The resume should reflect the candidate’s professional interests and abilities. Don't write about personal matters that have nothing to do with the employer. To make your resume stand out and stand out in a good way, it's not just about being creative or unconventional. To clarify your career direction through career planning as soon as possible is the first step in your job search. This is an important principle to stay one step ahead when creating a resume. Of course, using scientific career planning to guide the path of personal career development is even more on the career path. Only in this way can we move forward step by step!

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