Store Operation Manager
Jakarta Barat IDR 20.000.000 - IDR 40.000.000

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About Our Client

Our client is a world's fastest-growing global smartphone manufacturer. They provide products with a comprehensive superior experience for the young, and they are committed to be a trendsetting technology brand. Our client has entered 61 markets worldwide, including Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle and East Africa, etc.

Job Description
  1. Responsible for the overall planning of the overall operation of the company's branded stores.
  2. Establish standard SOPs including retail store inspection/personnel training management, and guide areas and stores to complete empowerment, landing and acceptance.
  3. Pull through relevant departments and complete training/activities/terminal guidance and other tasks.
  4. Responsible for the construction of overseas retail digitalization capabilities, coordinating the retail business process, and leading the promotion and application of the system platform.

Job Requirements
  1. University degree or above (can be modified according to Indonesian standards)
  2. 5-10 years of retail store operation and management experience, familiar with and understand the retail store operation process
  3. Experience in the mobile phone industry or chain stores is preferred, with a strong understanding and insight into the retail industry/retail brand
  4. Good cross-departmental collaboration ability and ability to withstand pressure; goal and result-oriented, proactively promote the achievement of business results
  5. Have excellent training management, activity overall planning ability
  6. Able to adapt to short-term business trips, Chinese, English, Indonesian can be used as working languages

BOSSHIRE Consultant Rainy Altinci Tockary

Job Summary

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    Consumer Electronics

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    Indonesia, Jakarta, Jakarta Barat

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    Full Time

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