Senior Contract Commercial Manager
Jakarta IDR 29.000.000 - IDR 38.000.000

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About Our Client

Our client is a leading multinational provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Currently our client is the world's largest producer of telecommunication equipment and the third largest supplier in the world. With integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services – our client are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Job Description
  1. Lead contract generation, guard contract quality, practice and drive continuous improvement of contract quality, and be responsible for contract signing quality.
  2. Lead contract generation: In the bidding phase, be responsible for commercial and legal affairs-related content bidding and commercial proposal development.
  3. In the contract generation phase, develop the contract solution and be responsible for contract preparation/modification/consolidation.
  4. Participate in or take the lead in project/contract negotiation with the customer.
  5. In the contract signing phase, review, sign, and complete the contract.
  6. Guard contract quality: As the owner of commercial & legal solutions, identify commercial & legal risks, develop mitigation solutions, and implement them.
  7. As the commercial & legal functional reviewer, assess and verify commercial & legal risks, and optimize commercial & legal solutions.
  8. As the contract owner, streamline top risks, key assumptions, and contract texts of each functional domain, and be responsible for disclosing risks in contract clauses.
  9. Practice and drive continuous improvement of contract quality:
  10. Take the lead in regular scanning of the account's contract risks, establish/maintain contract baselines, participate in planning, and output the contract quality war map.
  11. Drive contract quality improvement, monitor the progress, give warnings in a timely manner, and drive resource investment.
  12. Perform contract handover, monitor contract fulfillment status, lead customer-facing contract changes, resolve contract fulfillment disputes, drive and execute contract closure, and be responsible for contract-based fulfillment.
  13. Perform contract handover and ensure that key information such as contract responsibilities, rights, risks, and assumptions is completely transferred.
  14. Monitor the execution of top risks and key assumptions during contract fulfillment, and give early warnings on major issues.
  15. Participate in or take the lead in developing the customer-facing contract change solution, take the lead in the customer-facing change negotiation, and sign the change documents.
  16. Manage penalties and contract disputes, develop solutions, be responsible for clarification/negotiation, and manage customer penalties in a closed-loop manner.
  17. Identify the contracts that are not closed for a long time, drive the resolution of abnormal issues, and close the contracts with the customer.
  18. Take the lead in the output of the transaction conventions and contract management guide of the account, organize the improvement of the key transaction capabilities of the account, and be responsible for the transaction capability development of the account.
  19. Summarize and take the lead in outputting the transaction conventions of the account based on the difficult clauses in historical contracts, key customer requirements in the contracts, and relevant handling experience, and develop corresponding tactics and cases.
  20. Follow the account's contract business process, summarize contract management methods and experience in handling exceptions based on transaction practices, and take the lead in outputting the account's contract management guide.
  21. Quickly incubate/obtain transaction capabilities and enable accounts when new business scenarios emerge and customer requirements change.

Job Requirements
  1. Bachelor (Law Major, English Major)    

  2. At Least 10 years working experiences.

  3. Account manager/MSSD/GTS/project finance/legal affairs personnel with project experience and strong language skills are preferred.

  4. Local talent with legal or commercial experience is preferred.

What’s on Offer
  1. Transportation allowance 
  2. Insurance
  3. Yearly Bonus

BOSSHIRE Consultant Meydiana

Job Summary

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    Telecom & Network Equipment

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    Indonesia, Jakarta, Jakarta

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    Full Time

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