Raynaldo Aprillio (Senior Recruitment Consultant)

I never thought that BOSSHIRE could be the place for me to grow. Prior to this, I was more into sales & marketing in the creative and entertainment industry. I never planned to land a job in the Human Resources field. However, after 2 years working in BOSSHIRE, it turns out that BOSSHIRE has successfully turned me into a strong consultant who excels in communication, negotiation, and talent mapping. I have learned that as a Recruitment Consultant, we are expected to have a broad knowledge and sharp analytical skills as we constantly deal with Top Level Management in various industries. In addition to that, I have grown exponentially in Project Management Skills, because I always deal with multiple projects at the same time. Therefore, I have developed significantly in my skill to manage multiple projects with a cross-functional team. Furthermore, prior to working in BOSSHIRE, I always believed that I already had sufficient communication & negotiation skills, but here in BOSSHIRE, I could even improve my skills a lot further since I have to deal consistently with the CEO, CHRO, and other C-Suites Management in order to deliver the projects well.

In terms of making connections and quality networks, there is no other place that I’d rather work at than BOSSHIRE Indonesia because it provides me with opportunities to discuss and gain knowledge from experts in various industries in Indonesia. Moreover, BOSSHIRE Indonesia also provides me with the platform to lead my own team and become better in my leadership skills. I believe that a good leader is one who can make their members become a leader themselves and I learned to practice this from my superior in BOSSHIRE Indonesia.

From my early career in BOSSHIRE Indonesia, I was trained hard (some might said ‘harsh’) by the director himself to become a good leader like him. I would not lie that the pressure in working here is not easy as we face the target every day, but one thing that I believe is; In order for one to grow, we need to be outside the comfort zone and as we all know, in order for a seed to grow, it has to be buried deep under the ground together with the dirt that surrounding it’. Last but not least, BOSSHIRE Indonesia also provides me with opportunities to positively contribute to peoples’ lives as we are helping Indonesian Professionals to have better careers and better opportunities. The satisfaction when I successfully placed one candidate at the clients' company and they get a better position and benefits that they deserve is priceless.

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