The No.1 Dairy Company in Asia, Yili Group Inaugurates the Largest Ice Cream Factory in Indonesia

21 Mar 2022


Milk has become a complementary food to meet the nutritional and nutritional needs of the community. Various dairy products are now widely available in the market.

One of the largest producers in Asia and number five in the world, Yili Group also provides a choice of dairy products for the community.

In order to answer consumer needs for dairy products, PT Yili Indonesia Dairy inaugurated the first production factory built from scratch in Southeast Asia.

On an area of ​​17 hectares, the 2 trillion rupiah factory is capable of producing 159 tons of Ice Cream Joyday brand per day with a projected production capacity of up to four million ice creams per day after the second phase of investment.

President Director of PT Yili Indonesia Dairy, Yu Miao, explained that the inauguration of the first phase of the factory is the first step of PT Yili Indonesia Dairy's investment and long-term cooperation with Indonesia. The 8-hectare factory will have a production capacity of more than 50 thousand tons per year.

"The presence of the Yili Indonesia Dairy Factory is projected to open more than 5,000 new jobs directly or indirectly. PT Yili Indonesia Dairy will also expand cooperation and is committed to using local raw materials from all distributors in Indonesia," explained Yu Miao.

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